[MV] Admin: No off-topic postings of ANY kind

MV List Admin (postmaster@skylee.com)
Wed, 7 Jan 99 00:01:02 -0800

Mil-veh list members:

Sigh. I'm away from my machine for a while and the list S/N ratio
practically implodes. I'm glad that things have gotten back on
track, but obviously I need to post the following to the list once
again. It applies equally well to hoaxes and money schemes, toys,
firearms, political comments that our military can find targets in
a foreign country, discussions about military radios, and so on.
To repeat: discussion on this list MUST relate DIRECTLY to the
private ownership of military vehicles. Without passing judgement
on recent topics of discussion, I have this to say: If you want to
talk about toys, you must somehow make that discussion relate
DIRECTLY to the private ownership of military vehicles (the big
ones, not the little ones). If you want to talk about a radio, it
must be one that was carried in a vehicle or one for your display.
If you want to talk about firearms... you know how you must justify
it. There are other, far better places to discuss toys, radios, and
guns. If you feel the urge to post an off-topic message to the list,
of any type, resist.

Please, let there be no further discussion about this topic.


Do not post off-topic messages.

No virus warning, no questions about how to break down machine guns,
no questions about how to recover a deleted file in Windows95, no
seasonal greetings. This is a mailing list to promote the use and
enjoyment of privately owned military vehicles.

I don't moderate the list. Postings go out as they come in, FIFO.
I am fairly liberal about what I judge as on-topic, and I only
rarely interfere in threads that move on to less-directly related
items. But if you post something that I judge as clearly off-topic,
I will send you a short, sharply worked message:


I won't couch it in any less firm a tone. I won't say, "Oh, pretty
please, try not to post off-topic messages." I run this forum so
that military vehicle owners have a place to exchange information,
to help each other and share in the joys and disappointments of the
hobby. I'm not attacking you personally, or intimating that you're
a fool or a flake. I'm telling you something that should be obvious,
that your posting has diluted the utility of the list. I have seen
too many newsgroups and mailing lists completely ruined by bickering,
off-topic posts, pure spam, flame wars, "religious" bigotry, and
more. It starts with the thin edge of the wedge, with one person
zapping another with a little snide comment or simply going off-topic,
and then it builds and builds. I won't have it happen here.

The simple question you need to ask yourself is this: "What has
this got to do with privately owned military vehicles?" If you want
to talk about politics, make sure it relates to zoning ordinances,
or safety laws, or something else related to privately-owned military
vehicles. If you want to give medical information (a potentially
dangerous thing at any time), only do so if it relates to repairing
or restoring or using private military vehicles. But if it has
nothing to do with private ownership of military vehicles, don't
post it.

About firearms: I have allowed some brief discussion about ownership
of Class 3/Title II items, but there are many, many other venues
for discussion of their ownership, maintenance, politics, and so on. Please
restrict your topics to those related directly to privately owned
military vehicles (i.e. "How do I mount a pintle into an MXXX?"
or "What weapons should I assemble for my 1944 WC display?" etc.)

Concerning the appropriateness of discussion about vendors: this
is certainly a place for people to inquire into the honesty and
reliability of vendors, and for others to relate their experiences
and opinions. In the end, the best way to obtain the closest
approximation to the truth will be an open, honest, and thorough
discussion. Many "two cents worth" can total a significant sum. The
only thing I ask is that we maintain a reasonable level of decorum,
avoiding libel while revealing facts.

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Comment: From Arthur C. Kyle <ack@skylee.com>


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