Re: [MV] light switch`

paul vandervort (
Fri, 08 Jan 1999 01:10:11 -0800


This is how your light switch should work:

1. Lift unlock hndl & move top lever one notch right = stop light only.
2. move top lever to second position = stop light, l.h. tail light & headlights
3. moving top lever to first left position = blackout marker lights front &
back, blackout stop lamp (top r.h. white).
4. moving top lever to second left position = blackout marker lights front & back
& blackout driving light (one on fender) on.
5. lower l.h. lever when lifted will give you dim or bright instrument lights.
6. moving l.h. lower lever all the way down will give you dim instrument lamps,
l.h. rear tail lamp, & turns off the headlamps (park mode).

Hope I got all that right.

Paul Vandervort
MVPA 437 wrote:

> hi 52 m38 wiring is not in the best shape....and only certain
> lights come on with certains my ? is is this......what lights
> are supposed to be on with each selection of the switch
> levers.......lock,unlock i know :)......would like to know which lights(head
> and tail? head and tail and brake?) are supposed to be lit...........THX all!
> :) .......... paul!

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