[MV] TP3

Otto Schuurman (icaros@xs4all.nl)
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 12:15:39 +0100

>From: Otto Schuurman <icaros@xs4all.nl>
>To list
Are there any French, African or people from the Middle East on the list?
I am looking for information on the Renault-Saviem TP3-diesel.
Red-Cross-Sanitaire TP3-vans with petrol engines. I am looking for a diesel
one, lateua or fourgon, and handbooks, partbook, instructionbooks etc.
Secondly I am very much interested in information on the rare ACMAT TDK 432
SB. This is a 4x4 bus, 28 seats, made for the FAR, esspecially
officers-transportation. It was also used during Desert Storm as a
command-post. Who knows anything, anywhere???
Otto Schuurman

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