Re: [MV] A Sad Day

Dave Cole (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 12:36:31 -0500

I too have a hard time swallowing the argument that it is cheaper to
destroy perfectly good M151's than get substitute targets. What is the
difference between shooting holes in a CJ5 versus a M151? Besides exactl=
who will we be shooting at who is driving an M151? If these are
serviceable vehicles, I'm sure that the National Park service and several=

municipalities would love to have them for utility vehicles and light
plowing. And if they aren't safe to drive, then why are they being used =
all? I'm missing the logic. =

Regarding the use of ships for gunnery practice. Obviously the gunners
need to learn how to shoot at ships, however I question the need to sink
ships with artillery. I'd rather see a ship scrapped out than sunk to fo=
another manmade reef of questionable value. There is a lot of steel in
those ships. Much of the hull plating is over 2" thick on the destroyers=

I can imagine that 100 years from now, our decendents will be talking abo=
how wasteful their ancesters were when we were stupid enough to sink
perfectly reusable/recycleable steel ships. Meanwhile they will be busy=

trying to figure out how to make steel affordably when gas and oil is
$20/gallon and electricity is $2.00/kwhr or more. =


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>If they need targets, Jim Rice and I can go out to some local junk
yard and haul in 1952 Plymouths to trade for M151s, one for one. We
can then sell them to listers for $50 each...
Sam Hamilton
Stillwater, Oklahoma<

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