RE: [MV] Paint Colors

OConnor, Dennis (DOconnor@SIKORSKY.COM)
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 17:05:31 -0500

>Chances are, the old paint colors are not indexed to modern formulations.

Actually, Fed Std. 595(?) (the color code/paint chip book) still has all the
colors for everything. Superceded colors are still there (but no chip) with
the replacement color listed. They still have (and use) the early WW2
"Khaki" OD #34087 (even though they list it as replaced by #34088 now which
is one shade greener but nowhere near the late WW2 "Green" OD). #34087 can
still be special ordered along with a whole LOT of other shades of
"Lusterless Green". Still a two part epoxy, which is the CARC part, but boy
does that stuff cover! Pain to work with, but great results. Maybe the
museum can get some surplus and save a ton of cash (it's very expensive - at
least when the taxpayers are buying). The gov't throws it out when it
"expires" but it's actually still good, of course, for quite a while after
the date on the can.

Good Luck,
Dennis O'Connor

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