[MV] MB parts needed

Mon, 11 Jan 1999 20:01:54 -0500

Just purchased a 43(?) MB from a gentleman. The jeep had
been restored by him about ten years ago. While he did a very good job
there are a few items I need to make it a really great restoration.
like most jeeps over the years it lost it's head and now
sports a "Kaiser Supersonic" head. So I'm in need of a WWII head to
bring the engine up to a presentable condition. I tried several of the
venders listed in most of the military vehicle mag's and all have heads
available but of the post war variety. I'm also in need of combat rims
(the gentleman who restored the jeep said they were to hard to get apart
and put post war rims on it.) So if anyone has a spare MB head they
would like to sell or a combat rim or two they would like to part with
let me know.
Please keep in mind I live in north central Ohio and
shipping cost for any one of these items could be a concern if the
distance is to far.

Thanks for your time it is greatly appreciated!


P,S. Do you want to feel real bad on a cold winters night. When I
picked the jeep up I asked the gentleman about the jeep and how long he
had owned it. He told me that he had it almost 30 years and that it came
with a Ford script tub and it did have all 5 combat rims also. The Ford
script tube was scraped along with all five combat rims!!#?*. From the
pictures he had the tub looked to be in fair condition, I guess we
can't save them all.

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