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Doug Bohannon (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 23:29:30 -0500

Hello John,

I have a hobby shop in Florida that specializes in military models, military
miniatures, paint etc. We also maintain and paint our own full size military

Most military vehicle colors, foreign and American including FS colors, are
reproduced my manufacturers for painting military models. You could take a
bottle of the model paint of the proper color and make a color tab to be
scanned by a spectrographic color matching machine that most major paint
suppliers have. They should then be able to reproduce the paint color you
wish. I have noticed that it often takes a couple of attempts before you get
a fairly accurate representation of the color you seek.

If you need U. S. Army colors, we carry a full line of Aervoe military paint
in spray cans and gallons. Aervoe was an origional FS supplier to the
military and thier paint should be as accurate or more accurate than any
other manufacturer. Many of our model builders us Aervoe for this reason.

We also carry two lines of military model paint specifically designed to
replicate foreign and American paint colors for vehicles and aircraft. One
interesting fact I have run across is that tabs taken from the two different
manufacturers of the same color and FS code sometimes do not match and
occassionally are not even close. In this situation, you must choose which
color you believe best represents the origional.

Another consideraton you must take in account when matching military colors
is the conditions under which the origional vehicle was painted. Under
battlefield conditons, paint is often mixed and thinned with a variety of
solvents and applied over varying undercoats under different climatic
conditions by various means such as spray or brush. What this leads to is a
variety of shades and textures on vehicles supposedly painted the same
color. This is especially predominant with WWII German military vehicles
whose paint may have been thinned with a variey of solvents including fuel
or water.

I hope this helps.

Doug Bohannon
First Florida Chapter MVPA

The Tactical Edge
90 Spirit Lake Road
Winter Haven, FL 33880
(941) 401-8221

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