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Doug Bohannon (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 23:45:23 -0500

Hello Dan,

I am slowly catching up with my email messages.

The M-85 is an experimental full tracked high speed tractor based on the
same chassis as the M-18 Hellcat tank destroyer and the M-24 Chaffie light
tank. It uses an 900 cu. in. aircooled Continental flat six engine mounted
in the forward middle of the chassis and coupled to the front mounted

I believe that only a few of these vehicles were produced. I have considered
attempting to move the engine to the rear of the chassis, adding a drive
shaft to the transaxle, and converting the tractor in to a replica of a
M-18. This would be a long term and expensive project that I would have to
undertake sometime in the future. It may now be less expensive for me to
purchase a real M-18 from Bosnia.

Thank you for the information about armor for gun trucks. I have not seen
any photographs or documentation on fragmentation kits used on 2-1/2 ton
trucks but I would be interested in any documentation you might suggest.

What do you want for the plates you described?

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