Re: [MV] CUCV 2 and CEMMV

Tom Woodburn (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 00:34:56 -0500

"Bob, Jeff and Hoot Gallagher" wrote:

> Here's a link that shows pictures and stats on the new light duty
> Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicles 2 (CUCV 2) including a "Pursuit Vehicle"
> based on a Suburban than can be fitted with a roof hatch and 12.7mm machine
> gun. Also pictured are the medium duty Commercial Enhanced Mobility
> Medium-duty Truck (CEMMV) in 4x4 and 6x6 form. Neat-o.

These vehicles provide us with examples of off the shelf products
that our military leaders / government could be buying instead custom
designed hum v's that are so unsafe for us not too bright civilians to drive.
If our auto industry built these trucks I'll bet they would be much less cost
per unit than
the current custom designed M- series vehicles.
just my $30,000 worth Tom

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