Re: [MV] Paint Colors

Claude W. Vaughn (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 06:24:29 -0600 wrote:

>My local store can't mix flat exterior grade paints in custom colors. Does
>anyone know how to make gloss enamels flat?

Are we in an Automotive Paint store? Flatting agents should be available for
all "types" of automotive, industrial, and aircraft paint. Add about 30-33%
for semi-gloss. Work from there for lusterless.

Be sure the flatting agent is matched to the paint you are using. Stay with a
single manufacturer if possible (use their "paint system"). I have used
flatting agents in Enamels and Lacquers without any problems. Custom mixed
polyurethanes are sometimes hard to flatten past an egg shell finish.

Also, I recommend a 'full gloss' top coat be applied to the primer, followed by
finish coats of semi-gloss or lusterless. All flatting agents (and primers)
are porous and will allow moisture to reach the base metal. The resulting rust
will appear in one to three years and hasten the total failure of the paint
finish. The gloss "barrier" will extend the finish life by a factor of 2 or 3.


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