Re: [MV] So what's an MV anyway

Stephen Somers (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 09:59:55 -0800

Bob, Jeff and Hoot Gallagher wrote:
> What exactly qualifies as a "Military Vehicle"?

For my money, it is a vehicle which has been designed specifically to
meet military requirements (whether subsequently placed in service or
not - there are some very interesting prototypes out there that never
made it into production), preferably using some interesting or unusual
aspect of engineering. An example of the last, I don't think the parallel
arm suspension of the Daimler Dingo (designed to keep the wheels upright
even when the vehicle was traversing a slope) was ever used elsewhere???
There may be a reason for this (cost/benefit), but it still is a
wonderful sight.

Steve Somers (Project Leader)

'75 Land Rover 101" Forward Control, 1-Tonne, General Service (62FL50 - Royal Artillery/2 Commando)

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