[MV] Re: 1943 Ford Jeep owned by the late JAMES DEAN

Jim Rice (jimrice@sirinet.net)
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 21:25:02 -0600

Fellow Listers,

Here is the latest I have received on the "James Dean" jeep. Despite having been owned by James Dean, I don't think his asking price of $60,000 is anywhere near reasonable. At any rate, here it is for your consideration. The owner's e-mail is "Jason, Diana , Steve" <cowger6@chickasaw.com>

PLEASE reply to him, not me as I have no interest nor claim to the jeep nor do I know the owner. I am simply passing along a private e-mail he sent me via my website.

Jim Rice

Jason, Diana , Steve wrote:

> Dear Jim
> This 1943 ford jeep was JAMES DEAN'S hunting jeep.It needs some resroration, but not much ,it will really make a collecter proud to own it. Also I have all the paper work and title from the gentleman I bought it from, with the historical society,it has lot's of history with it. Everything is original,including.gun rack James used while hunting. I would like $60.000 it was appraised for much more. Thanky for your interest.The jeep also was in world war two, then brought back from CHINA.
> Thank You for your interest. Steve W.
> ----------
> > Not sure if I am in a position to buy another jeep, but will pass along to some
> > friends that might be interested in it. What kind of condition is it in and
> > how much are you asking for it.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Jim
> >
> > Jason, Diana , Steve wrote:
> >
> > > Dear Sir.
> > > I own the FORD JEEP made in 1943 VIN # MB495576 which was in world war two,
> > then shiped to the USA. It was gave to the late JAMES DEAN for his hunting
> > jeep befor his death in 1955. If you are interested in this, Please contact me
> > at your conveniance at,
> > > Steven L. Ware Sr
> > > 902 Arlington Center, Suite 255
> > > Ada, Okla. 74820 Phone 580-332-4794
> > Thanks Steven
> >
> >
> >

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