[MV] M37 radio installation manual on-line

Thu, 14 Jan 1999 09:09:36 -0800

I just scanned the manual which describes how to install the
AN/VRC-46, AN/VRC-53 and AN/GRC-125 radio sets into an M37 3/4-ton
truck and placed it on my web page (see my signature below). There are
9 pages, each scanned at 150 DPI and saved as a GIF image. Note that
these are BIG images (up to 2984x1524), so don't bother looking if
your computer doesn't display large GIFs well!

The AN/VRC-46 is a member of the VRC-12 series of "Vietnam-era"
radios. The AN/VRC-53 and AN/GRC-125 sets are vehicular installations
of the "Vietnam-era" AN/PRC-25 backpack radio.

One of the pages of the manual shows where various kinds of radios
would be mounted when more than one radio sets were used together,
including some of the earlier sets introduced in the 1950's.

I have not been able to find the radio installation manuals that I
want yet (for installing AN/GRC-19 and/or AN/VRC-10 radio sets into
M37, M38 or M-151-series trucks), and I've seen a lot of questions
about radio installation on the mailing lists, so I figured it would
be helpful to post a copy of one of the installation manuals that I do
have. I have a few others for similar sets, but I have a very small
space limit on my web page, and this manual seemed to be about the
most generic one I had.

Mark J. Blair, KE6MYK <mblair@gruumsh.irv.ca.us>
PGP 2.6.2 public key available from http://pgp.ai.mit.edu/
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