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>Fellow Listers-
>I just read an article in the January 99 Readers Digest about the
>Everyman Motorsports Driving Center in Leicestershire, England. The
>article said that they offered a tank drivers course where you actually
>got to drive the equipment.
>Does anyone know of similar offerings in the Eastern U.S.?
Just to flesh this out a bit more, there must be at least 6 or more
venues here doing this with the FV622, FV603, FV432, FV433 (often
advertised as a tank which it isn't) and Chieftain MBT's, all being
readily available at modest cost. I can imagine the potential
litigation hassles being a show-stopper in the US, my wife bears the
scars of an enthusiastically thrashed 432 to this day.

The costs are quite high for an hours experience but the customer
support high. Most of the advertisements are to be found in the monthly
_womens_ magazines where they aim to fulfil the "different" gift for
hubby idea and ladies wanting to try something out of character. Some
PR companies act as a front for these and various other outlandish
experiences including a weeks training and flying in the Soviet Union in
current MIGs; stunningly expensive but its the only way they can afford
to fuel and fly the things now, apparently very exciting too.

Being the recipient of a "driving experience" gift several years ago it
led to the purchase of my own FV623, and the rest as they say, is
history; it all her fault really.

(Southampton UK)

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