[MV] Landrover Diesels suck

Fri, 15 Jan 1999 13:29:01 -0500 (EST)


A few months ago, I read a book about the landrovers in the dutch army. The dutch landrovers have the brakes powered by the underpressure in the inlet manifold. The reason our army choose that in stead of having an extra pump is that an extra pump was too expensive! Although it was/is available as an option. Environmental issues were not important. British landrovers do have a pump for brake power. The engineers in the army were complaining all the time because the engines would never run good.

Another thing was that because of the large stocks of Nekaf (M38A1,dutch build jeeps) tires, they mounted the wrong (too large) tires for a long time and ruined a lot of gearboxes.

In the same book, I read that the british army used powered trailers. How they mounted the extra axle, I don't remember. But I'll go to the library again, loan the book, and will scan the pictures if anyone is interested.


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