Re: [MV] MB/GPW Capstan Winch for Wheel?

Stephen Somers (
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 12:04:38 -0800

Rob Root wrote:
> ... a capstan winch-like attachment which was mounted on the front
> wheel of a jeep ...

This is not new. I came across this technique in a Land Rover expedition
manual many years ago and have personally used the technique to good
effect on many occasions. You don't even need to bolt anything on to the
hub, but can just take one turn around it and control the rope from the
driving position - it's easier than it sounds! It is especially useful
when attempting to climb sideways out of deep ruts.

Steve Somers (Project Leader)

'75 Land Rover 101" Forward Control, 1-Tonne, General Service (62FL50 - Royal Artillery/2 Commando)

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