[MV] 5 Ton Rims

David C. Barbieri (barbiedc@maadmin.marshall.tstc.edu)
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 18:21:28 CST

Hi Dave -

Earlier today you wrote:

> Do you know if the bolt pattern on a 5 ton wheel is the same as a
> "standard" 10 bolt semi tractor wheel? I have to measure it, but it sure
> looks close.

Yup, they're the same. We purchased new wheels for our deuce so that
we could 1)get away from split rims, and 2) go to tubeless radial tires.
Even dealing with a truck wheel warehouse, the _6_ lug rims for our
deuce still cost $167 each. (OUCH!!) By contrast, the _10_ lug wheels
on our 5 Ton Dump will only cost $65 each!! We're using Goodyear
10.00R20 on/off road mud-and-snow tires. Fairly aggressive tread (but
they don't howl as loud as the NDT's 8-)). They're also taller than
stock, so we pick up almost 2mph! YEEHAW!! We can do an honest
60mph now, uphill _and_ down. 8-D Only thing I'd do differently, is
go to 11.00R20's. There's plenty of room between the tires, and man,
talk about impressive!

Dave Barbieri

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