[MV] 5 Ton Rims

Dave Cole (DA_Cole@compuserve.com)
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 21:00:48 -0500

Message text written by INTERNET:barbiedc@marshall.tstc.edu
>Yup, they're the same. We purchased new wheels for our deuce so that =

we could 1)get away from split rims, and 2) go to tubeless radial tires. =

Even dealing with a truck wheel warehouse, the _6_ lug rims for our =

deuce still cost $167 each. (OUCH!!) <

Yikes, that is really high. =

> By contrast, the _10_ lug wheels =

on our 5 Ton Dump will only cost $65 each!! We're using Goodyear =

10.00R20 on/off road mud-and-snow tires. Fairly aggressive tread (but =

they don't howl as loud as the NDT's 8-)). They're also taller than =

stock, so we pick up almost 2mph! YEEHAW!! We can do an honest =

60mph now, uphill _and_ down. 8-D <

Watch out for those speeding tickets! (:->) Any noticable MPG

>Only thing I'd do differently, is =

go to 11.00R20's. There's plenty of room between the tires, and man, =

talk about impressive!<

Sounds like the way to go. I need to start looking for scrapped out mediu=
size cement mixers/tractors with the right wheel size.



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