Re: [MV] CJ-10A diesel engine, tranny and transfercase for sale

jonathon (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 21:34:05 -0600

>Yeah thats corect. It was 2wd but had a transfercase. The front output just
>didn't have a driveshaft connected to it. The shifters for the transfercase
>was removed after it was shifted in low range for towing purposes (it was an
>aircraft tug). It is totally able to be used on the street, you've just got
>to shift it out of low range.

So the shift lever on the side of the transfer case (if I'm remembering my
NP207 geometry correctly) is there, it's just that there is no rod/cable
going to it?

I noticed 8 hole wheels, what axle is being used in the rear?

The current owner had alot of trouble licensing them. WI DMV claimed that
an extra digit in the VIN number meant export only and thus would not issue
a title. After a many month battle they gave in did issue one.


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