Re: Re: [MV] Classified Listings

Bob, Jeff and Hoot Gallagher (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 21:19:43 -1000

>> 1953 Dodge M-37 personnel carrier, Imron white, fully restored to mint
>> condition, all info, plaques, redone, new 2-ton winch on front, new
>> tires, wheels, all new or rebuilt, $29,500. Deena (630)232-7487, 9am - 5
>> pm CDT, IL (49)

>I wonder if the seller is aware that a "fully restored to mint
>condition" M37 would have the correct 3.75 ton PTO winch, would not be
>white, and would generally sell for about 1/3 of what he or she is

> "Mint" indicates near perfect, new condition. Not necessarily "Original,
> issued."

So what is "new condition" if it is not "original, as issued"?

It is NOT in "new", "mint", or "restored" condition as described.

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