[MV] Overheating or Not?

Terry D. Staley (ts2go@worldnet.att.net)
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 16:17:12 -0700

O.K. master mechanics - I have a
1971 M35A2 deuce with a Hercules
LDT-465-1D turbo multifuel engine,
rebuilt in 1987 (per data plate).
The engine looks almost brand new,
and since purchase last year has
received an oil & coolant change and
new oil, fuel, and air filters.
Before this work it didn't seem too
keen on pulling past 2200 RPM, but
now pulls happily to the 2600 RPM
redline. About two months ago after
several miles at 45 MPH, I noticed
the temp gauge indicated about 230F.
This compares to the TM which calls
for 180-200F normal operating
temperature. I pulled the
thermostat and replaced it with a
new one courtesy of NAPA, but first
buffed the circumference to make
sure that the hat-shaped end of the
thermostat was free to move in the
housing. Last weekend, I drove it
several miles at speed and again
noticed temps of 220F+. As the
engine is not working hard, the
ambient temp each time was around
40-45F, and the fan and coolant are
good, I just don't buy that I have
an overheating problem.

Therefore (without repeating the
thread several months ago on
overheating solutions), how can I
easily ascertain if my sender/
wiring/ gauge is accurate or not?
I've done the open/shorted test &
got the right readings, but this
doesn't address a possible 20F drift
in accuracy. I've thought of
pulling the sender out, immersing it
in a pan of water of known temp, and
checking the readings on the gauge.
Anybody got a better suggestion??

P.S. - The truck was purchased in
Pennsylvania and relocated to
Colorado (5400' elevation). I know
carburetted vehicles need
re-adjusted, but do injected diesels

Thanks -

Terry Staley

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