[MV] MB Drive Shaft Question

Charles E Lee (celee6@juno.com)
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 18:52:01 -0600

This one is for all you MB/GPW knowledgable types. I removed both drive
shafts from my '43 MB to install new u-joints and have two questions.

1. All my references show the dust covers on the drive shafts held on
with tabs that are bent over to keep them from coming off and to keep the
knuckle on the shaft. Mine both have screw on dust covers. Is this

2. All three u-joints that are attached with u-bolts have a thin piece
of sheet metal tack welded to the races to keep them from falling off
when the u-bolts are removed. I've never seen this before on a u-joint.
Is this necessary or can any u-joint of the proper size be used.

Both the drive shafts have "SPICER" cast into the yokes and the u-joints
are marked "SPICER USA".

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Chuck Lee
'43 MB
'45 CJ-2A

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