[MV] Info on Military Web Ring

Taylor Restorations & Rentals (pahrah@intercomm.com)
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 12:32:55 -0800


There has been enough positive response so I am working to
set up the ring.

If you have a site or are in process of building one, I have your
address and will email you directly with how to join the ring as
soon as it is up and running. I am having the join page and ring
graphics done. Estimate 2-3 weeks from today, 1-22-99.

If you do not have a site but have vehicles, anywhere in the
world, that you would like to rent, I have your address and
once the web ring is up, I will contact you with a way to list
your vehicle. This may take awhile, so please be patient. The
ring will be set up first.

Thanks for the positive response!

Taylor Restorations & Rentals

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