[MV] F head 134 cu inch engine; Rick's Ready Repair

Richard Van Hoomissen (rvanhoo@IBM.net)
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 08:51:57 -0800

If the aft exhaust stud is broken off at the block, how do you fix the
problem without removing the engine? Most all stud removers around PDX
could not even try without cutting out the fire wall on my M38A1.
In collaboration with a genius machinist, we developed "Rick's Ready
Repair" which is testing ok so far.
If you have this problem (I've seen others) Look forward of the broken
aft stud about 2" and find a bolt hole for unknown use. Using this hole
as base 1,
Rick fashioned a 2 pronged "bracket" which utilized this hole for base
1, and made some fingers which bridged the aft end of the exhaust
manifold. Then with a plate (base 2)and threaded rod and 2 nuts pressure
could be applied (More than you would ever need...be careful) to the
exhaust maniford to hold the aft end in place. A third nut on other side
of base 2
stabilized all this.
To visualize this, look at your right thumb and visually remove all but
the last thumb knuckel and all of the last two fingers up to the wrist.
Sight a hole line towards the thumb
knuckle from the space between the index and
"finger" finger. This is where the "ready repair" is attached to the
block using the aforesaid forward "unused' hole. Slide a double postage
sized 1/4 "plate under the aft two fingers not amputated and you have a
"base for the new "stud" which (after drilling a hole in base 2) with
the aid of three nuts will provide more the enuf pressure to hold the
aft end of the exhaust manifold against the block. Hopefully, this will
hold the exhaust manifold until you need to yank the engine out for
overhaul at which time you can do business with the stud extractors.
I've ceeded all patent rights for this to Rick whose name I might
disclose upon receipt permission and suitable bribe.
If this is not understandable, hit "delete". Richard

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