Re: [MV] Hummers vrs. Humvees

Stephen Somers (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 13:57:41 -0800

Greg David wrote:

> Watch those axle shafts! I drove a civilian Hummer 100 miles with an
> exploded CV joint held together by three hose clamps after some over zealous
> trail antics. Thank god for a locking center diff.

A contact of mine, Rodney Sabine from Alresford in Hampshire, UK,
contributed this comment which I had to share with you:

Been there, done that!

On my honeymoon in 1973 I was off-roading in a 109 LWB, when the
half-shaft failed.

Parked on a slope, set handbrake, went to phone box (You're there
- 109 runs away, squeal from new wife, run out of phone box, catch up and
stop 109, only to discover that I had the presence of mind to press
Button 'B' and get my money back.

Drove round all weekend (not off-road) on front-wheel drive/high range

You try going into a Mid-Wales LR dealer and say 'I'm on my honeymoon and
I've broken my half-shaft......

Steve Somers (Project Leader)

'75 Land Rover 101" Forward Control, 1-Tonne, General Service (62FL50 - Royal Artillery/2 Commando)

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