Re: [MV] Enlarged brake drum (potential) problem

Buzz (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 08:09:47 -0800

I think that you are being overly concerned about piston travel. I had
the drums on my M715 cut by .050 and when reassembled still had plenty
of piston travel left. Think about it. Even at .050 that's only slightly
over 1/16".

Mark Masse wrote:
> Greetings MV List,
> It's almost time to do a COMPLETE brake system overhaul on my M715. Part of
> that will, naturally, be turning the drums on a lathe. Some of the drums are
> grooved--probably to 30 or 40 thousandths. Resurfacing will therefore take
> out quite a bit of surface material. I'm not too worried about drum
> failure--there's still plenty of overall thickness.
> What DOES concern me is overextending the wheel cylinder pistons (they have
> to travel outward that much farther to make the shoes contact the drum). One
> of my contingency plans in case this happens is to install longer push rods
> on the wheel cylinders. I've gone over it a few times in my head and
> couldn't think of anything wrong with this plan.
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