[MV] M-38 w/ modifications

Buettner Family (buettner@dataex.com)
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 12:09:08 -0600

Hello List,

I am currently looking at buying a 1952 M-38. I was wondering if there is
anything specific I should look for when buying a M-38. It has the heater
kit in it already, are they a "desired" item?
The only other question I have is that the person that currently owns it
bought it from Ft. McCoy, WI and it seems to have been modified slightly by
the military. The hood has been cut over the carb. and a peice of sheet
metal has been placed over the hole. The metal is about 1 foot long, 4-6
inches deep, and stands about 6-8 inches high. The top is rounded, not
flat. The owner says that there were 6 others like that when he bought
this one. Anyone know anything about this?

Robert Buettner
Appleton, WI
Looking for the right MV
The Buettner Family

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