Re: [MV] Enlarged brake drum (potential) problem

Matt and Kathy Oliver (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 18:17:45 -0500

Piston travel is not usually the isue at all. The pistons travel
out further as the shoe and the drum wear. However, when you
get beyond a certain diameter on the brake drum your initial
shoe to drum patch will be very small. Only the ends of the
shoes will touch. You can grind the shoes to get the shoe to
fit the drum but you are using up some of the life of the
brakes. If you go much oversize you will have very little shoe
left on the end when you get a good contact patch. If you don't
go through this step you will initially have very poor brake
performance from "new" brakes until they wear in. For a vehicle
that gets limited use, and which you can't find new drums for,
partially "wearing out" the brake shoes is not as big of a deal
as trying a panic stop without the brakes being up to snuff. My
2 cents worth.

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