[MV] I have wondered about this myself...

Dr Deuce 264-0909 (keith@apache.ENET.dec.com)
Wed, 27 Jan 99 06:41:43 EST

From: US9RMC::"Richard@fv623.demon.co.uk" "Richard Notton" 27-JAN-1999 04:17:14.44

>Most of the post-war UK fighting vehicles do not use "brake fluid" as we
>know it but an ISO 15 hydraulic oil (OM 13) equivalent to a thin
>aircraft hydraulic fluid of a bright red colour much like auto
>transmission fluid, it is to be found not only in the brake circuits but
>in all the hydraulic applications including clutch, steering, hydraulic
>cranes etc., the component parts of these systems appear to use standard
>commercial items.
>(Southampton UK)

I have wondered about ATF myself. I have been told about heat. Well, most auto
tranny's get pretty hot especially in the summer.

An interesting asside. On problem with modern high performance aircraft is that
their hyd fluid must not exhibit diesel compression. Seems that sometimes you
get a flutter in the elevator etc and if it overpressurises the hyd cylinder,
you may get diesel ignition inside the control cylinder.. yeowie. Wonder if the
1st person to 'discover' this lived through the experience...


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