[MV] GPW body bolts

Jerry Jewell (jj@tgd.com)
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 08:01:57 -0800

Hi all,

Got some GPW questions and needs.

Getting' ready to mount my GPW body soon. I know there are 13 body pads
but don't know what size bolts go in the 13 holes. Anyone have a

Also, I ordered the $200 summer top from Beachwood but still need bows,
brackets, straps, etc. I have NO top hardware and want to get Script
parts if at all possible - although price IS a consideration. If anyone
has top parts available (with or without script) please provide details.

I'm also still looking for prices for GPW tool box lids with hinges and
the complete rear seat assembly and brackets (less cushions). Repro OK
if quality is good.

My speedometer is frozen up on the shaft. Looks OK inside. Where can I
get it fixed?

Last - still need rear bumperettes - ford version.


Jerry Jewell
916 852 5920
43 GPW

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