Re: RE [MV] WC Axle Seal Mod

Matt and Kathy Oliver (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 21:44:15 -0500

Dr Deuce 264-0909 wrote:

> You have a potential alignment problem.
> The axle stub (the outboard end) is locked via spline and possibly a bolt to
> the wheel hub. The relative alignment (centering) of the spindle that
> indirectly controls where the stub is and that of the axle housing are
> controlled by the trunion bearings and the shims used. If you use a bearing on
> the outer end of the inner shaft, you may have a binding problem. That is why
> there is no bearing there now.

Actually on 3/4 ton WC and M-37 axles there is a bronze bushing at the end of the
axle housing inboard of the trunion. The seal goes inboard of this bushing. On
my WC-53 one of the bushings came out with the axle and the other had to be
pulled. New ones are supposed to be a light press. The TM shows a tool for
pressing the seal in which is also used for putting in the bushing. The same
bushing is used to support the stub axle and is pressed into the outboard half of
the trunion joint. If I recall correctly there is no seal on the outboard piece
(that one would be to easy to install). The TM has the dimmensions necessary to
make the tool. I think I still owe my brother a favor for the lathe time.

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