[MV] Brake Fluid Ect

Carl Konefsky (cameraman@niia.net)
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 23:44:58 -0600

I have been watch all this about brake fluid ect.Here's something to
think about.Back a few years ago I was involved in owning larger boats
well I owned a 38 foot Chis Craft and it had what they called Cris A
Matic shifting for the transmissions.It was 12 volt motor with a pump on
it and a cylnder on the tramsmission when you went from forward to
reverse or vice versa the pump sent fluid to the cylinder and shifted
the trans.Now the point I am going to make is the factory said use
hydrolic jack oil in this system but we found if we flushed the system
out and used brake fluid it shifted faster only problem was the O rings
in the punp had to be replaced with one that were compatable with brake
fluid.I know what does this have to do with mil veh.Well I have seen
many different things brought to light about this subject.I think if you
change what you were using be sure every thing in the system is
compatable with what your using and be sure to get rid of every bit of
the old fluid before trying anything new. Thats my 2 cents on the

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