Re: [MV] Coleman Gas.. VS Gasoline

Andreas Mehlhorn (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 14:00:59 +0100

Ontrack schrieb:
> Doesn't the Coleman fuel burn at a higher altitude??
> Damon Lehr

Coleman fuel is what we call "Leichtbenzin" in Germany.
It vaporizes at lower temperature. This is neccessary
in Russian winters and at high altitudes in the
Himalaya etc.

Every German MV in Russia had a small extra fuel tank
(aprox 1 pint for small vehicles, bigger ones for tanks)
for this Leichtbenzin to start the engine. Normal fuel doesn't
vaporize below -30C and so you can't start a petrol engine at
these temperatures without preheating. So no chance
in a Russian winter.

Leichtbenzin in the carburettor and petrol in the
engine oil to delute it makes starting possible at
these really low temperatures. After the engine had
started, you could switch back to the normal fuel tank.

Best regards

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