Re[2]: [MV] FUEL???
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 14:49:18 -0800

In the rural areas of California, I know of several sources of "cheap"
(red) diesel for agricultural use only. I also know that when I went
there to re-fuel my Ford PU (diesel) I had a very informative
discussion with another guy getting farm fuel.

I specifically asked about the hazard of buying farm fuel for my
diessel. He explained that he had been pulled over by "the
authorities" numerous times for filling up his pick-up fuel tank at
the same time he filled the transfer tank (100+ gallons) in the bed of
the truck. According to the sherriff, a "concerned citizen" had
turned him in for using the wrong fuel. Fortunately for him, he had
green gas in the truck tank, but he said it took a couple of hours to
prove it was green fuel. (not easy to dip an F250 tank) Now he
carries a clear plastic hose, and a can to siphon out enough to prove
it's green. (you are not allowed to spill ANY when testing!)

He also made it very clear that he was sure none of his neighbors
turned him in. (because he wasn't cheating!) He also complained that
all of HIS neighbors had been harassed as well. The odd thing is, if
you use your diesel equipment "off-road" you can use red fuel. But
you are guilty until proven innocent, and that red dye will stick
around for several tankfuls before it's gone. How you would prove you
only used the red fuel off road, and the green on highway is beyond

With Diesel at $1.39 / gallon, and farm fuel at $0.79, it is tempting.
About the only way that MIGHT work would be to have a dual tank
system, with red in one, and green in the other. I look foward to
hearing the Court's ruling!

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Subject: Re: [MV] FUEL???
Author: "Steven P. Allen" <> at internet
Date: 1/28/99 3:49 PM

Other than OTR truckers and businesses, how likely is it that the average guy
will be stopped and inspected by the authorities? I'm thinking the average
Ford Pick-up, here, or mid-'80s Oldsmobuick. I realize that a deuce is a
great deal more conspicuous, but there's a lot fewer miles being driven in
deuces than in ford PUs.

Steve Allen

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