[MV] 1941 Chevrolet

Morgan Blanchard (bmorgan@gbis.com)
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 22:57:53 -0800 (PST)

I just picked up a 1941 Chevrolet 1.5 ton truck to turn into an LRDG
truck. I have contacted Jack Valenti from the LRDG association about the
particulars on the mods, but I am in need of some basic information about
the vehicle itself. So, can anyone tell me where to get ahold of shop
manuels for this truck? I know that lots of them were used in military
service but there also has to be a source for civy street manuels.
I am pretty proud of the new find as it is rust free and pretty
complete and at the price, $400 I was pretty happy. Now I am trying to
figure out where to store the 5 dodge command cars, in verying states of
decay, this guy wants to sell for $1500 total!
Any way, thanks for any hints.

Morgan Blanchard

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