[MV] 1941 Chevrolet

Morgan Blanchard (bmorgan@gbis.com)
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 09:17:33 -0800 (PST)

Thanks to everyone for the help, it sounds like I need to do some
searching for the manuels on my 41 Chevy. By the way, as some of you
asked, it is a civy version and currently has a functioning dump truck set
up on it, which I am going to remove so if any of you fellas need that get
in touch. I dont know if it came from the factory that way because the bed
says "Ford" on it.
I found a pictrure of a truck in North Africa with the exact same body
and even head light style in a book on the LRDG, except that it was a right
hand drive. I know Jack Vallenti's truck started out left hand drive and
he converted it so that's something to think about if I could find the
parts. By the way if you don't know about Jack, search the web for LRDG
and you will find his site showing his 42 LRDG truck, its pretty cool.
Speaking of parts, does anyone know of a source for a drivers side
fender and headlight assembly for this vehicle? The light is missing and
the fender banged up, if they were available I might also need the nose
sheet metal (the stuff that goes under the grill) and a glove box door.
With some work I can straighten out the nose sheet metal but I need a new
fender light and glovebox door. I wouldn't say no to a good passengers
side fender either as it is dented but salvageable. I would be willing to
trade some of the parts coming off my truck, like two good doors and the
windshield frame and even the dumptruck stuff, for some of the parts I
Since It looks like it will take me a while to get a manuel, can
anyone give me the basic tuneup engine and tuneup specs for the vehicle? I
dont even know what the motor or tranny numbers are let alone the valve
adjustments, gap or timing. Also, can some one tell me what the tire size
is for this thing and sugjest any sources for them, one is flat and the
others are in bad shape. (I would check myself but I havent gotten it home
And as for the fellows who asked about the command cars, a friend and
I are working on getting them to a good home, his, but they are out in the
Nevda desert. The bodies are not in good shape, or even there on a couple,
but there are a ton of parts, probably actualy about 4 tons, and one of
them runs and drives just fine. The same fellow has about 4 20's - 30's
fire engines and a bunch of 20s-30s-40s car and truck restoration projects
for sale, along with some fully restored stuff.
Also, as someone asked, LRDG stands for Long Range Desert Group. They
were Reconnaissance and transportation unit of the British Army in North
Africa during WWII. The undertook trips of several thousand miles behind
enemy lines in modified civilian Chevrolet 1.5 ton truks to watch roads,
deliver intelegence assets and raiding parties. They worked primarily with
out maps and navigated across the dessert like you would navigate a ship.
They were also important in the formation of the SAS as they provided the
transport for almost all the early SAS missions and were closely associated
with SAS operations throught the war in N. Africa. They were very
interesting lads.

Thanks for all the comments.

Morgan Blanchard

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