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Fri, 29 Jan 1999 17:46:21 -0000

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Date: 29 January 1999 00:52
Subject: [MV] Old diesel fuel

>I have a Bosch inline injection pump on a military pump that seems to
>the fuel shut off solenoid stuck due to old fuel. What solvents can be
>used to free it up?
>Mark Foster

This is surprising as diesel is one of the best and cheapest penetrating
oils going, usually its impossible to keep the stuff in no matter how
hard you try !

More (fresh) diesel oil is the safe material to use in a critically made
injection pump but are you possibly thinking about the solenoid in
reverse, usually it kills the injection unpowered, needing a supply to
operate i.e., "ignition" on.

(Southampton UK)

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