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Brian Redick (
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 20:20:28 -0500

I have been driving an M882 with all the original markings still on it, for
the past 5 years as a work vehicle and cops don't usually pay any attention
at all to it. When I first purchased it, it was the middle of February and
heavy blowing and drifting snow, and I needed to get to work. So I drove it
for a month and a half before getting around to having the title put in my
name and getting any plates for it. I think as long as the truck looks like
it is still in service and you are wearing something camoflaged from the
waist up, the police probably don't think twice about it.

By the way, does anyone know if Ohio will let you register your mil vehicle
with the registration numbers that are on it?? I heard somewhere, maybe on
here, that some states in the US will allow that.

Just curious,

Brian Redick
M882 4x4
M54 6x6

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>Hi Chuck -
>Gotta agree with your view here; BTST (Been There, Seen That):
>> I was not dressed in anything military but he seemed to think I was
>>"official". He left without bothering me further.
>> Maybe the mentality is that if you are in a military vehicle you are
automatically one of
>> the "good guys"???
>Maybe it's a combination of the above; ie: 1) Invisible, 2) Benign,
>and, 3) Official. I regularly make trips to our main campus in Waco
>(140 miles), back to Ft. Worth (also ~ 140 miles), and up to
>Texarkana (Red River Army Depot). Most law enforcement types usually
>don't even look up. Those that do actually notice my passing by grin,
>laugh, wave, or some combination. In the past year, never been
>stopped, never been hassled.
>When we first picked up the truck in Fort Worth (Federal Surplus
>Property program), we made the decision to drive it back to our campus.
>Maurice, the welding instructor would follow me in one of our 'company
>cars' (white Chevy pickup, yellow lights, state plates). The deuce had no
>plates, no inspection sticker, no muffler, and all identifiers had been
>painted over in flat black paint. We rumbled out of the yard and headed
>east. At the first major intersection, I hit a 'stale yellow' light.
>overestimating the deuce's ability to accelerate (I've slept since the last
>time I drove one of these), I went thru on red. Maurice, right behind me,
>also went thru on red. The lead car to our right (now green) was a Texas
>State Trooper. He made a left turn, and headed in the opposite direction.
>8-D (I heard later that Maurice went thru 2 packs of cigarettes before we
>ever got out of FW!) On the way home, our unregistered, uninspected
>vehicle passed troopers, sheriff's, constables, and local police. Not one
>single response. What a hoot!! Ya know, with the growing number of
>'tactical vehicles' being used by law enforcement agencies, maybe
>these guys figure we're SWAT teams or something! (heeheeheehee)
>Dave Barbieri
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