[MV] For sale: M416 axle

Henry Cubillan (cubillan@earthlink.net)
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 02:27:47 -0600

Complete axle wheel to wheel, includes two M416 rims (sandblasted and
repainted dark gray), drum brakes in good condition, and brand new
radial tires (225/75R16 mounted on the stock rims without tubes). New
bearings/races/seals about a year ago, less than 3,000 miles on the
trailer since then. This axle is from my 1967 M416 1/4 ton trailer, the
lug pattern is the same as on Jeeps.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, must sell soon so I'll entertain any
resaonable offer. I'll even throw in the entire brake mechanism (new
handle obtained from Stevens Manufacturing, original manufacturer of the
M416 for the military) and a set of Con-Ferr 2.5" lift shackles that fit
CJ2A-CJ5 (AND M416 trailers).

I'm on digest now, so please send email directly to:


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