[MV] Military Volkswagen Beetles

Lars-Uwe Rudek (Rudek@shh-hamburg.de)
Fri, 1 Oct 1999 08:59:00 +0200

And another one:

Immidiately after the war, befor civilian production of
the Beetles was re-started, VW built Beetles for the
British Occupation Forces.

They were painted OD and had some military features.
I am not to sure about their exact specs, but believe
they were a bit like the KOMMANDEURSWAGEN.

I think it was in 1946 to 47 ? and they did maybe 500
units. The Volkswagen's own collection still has one
which was on show in a Hamburg Exibition in 1995,
"HAMBURG 1945".

These were outright MVs as well. Maybe Andreas can
give more detailed information.

Lars-Uwe Rudek
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