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At 09:14 01/10/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi again...
>Could the British one I mentioned earlier be identical
>with the Type 51 (82E) that Renaud mentioned in his post,
>as well as with the 287 prototypes he mentioned being
>built for the French Forces ?


The production figures I have compiled for the 1946-1946 period, while the
factory was producing under British Army control, are:

7735 model 11 (eetle)
523 model 21 (K=FCbelwagen)
219 model 28 (K=FCbel-based van)
805 model 51 (Military model beetle)
275 model 83 (Beetle-based van)
720 model 93 (trailer) =20
2 type 287 (4x4 military Beetle)

10279 in total

As you can see, some of those beetles were the civilian type, some were the
MV version.

>Immidiately after the war, befor civilian production of
>the Beetles was re-started, VW built Beetles for the
>British Occupation Forces.

And for various offcical bodies that needed them (Bundespost, Feuerwehr,
etc) all the production of that period was for the occupying forces or
official use.

>They were painted OD and had some military features.
>I am not to sure about their exact specs, but believe
>they were a bit like the KOMMANDEURSWAGEN.

Those built for the Allies armies were OD, the others were, mostly,
whatever paint color could be had.

>I think it was in 1946 to 47 ? and they did maybe 500
>units. The Volkswagen's own collection still has one
>which was on show in a Hamburg Exibition in 1995,
>"HAMBURG 1945".

More like 10.000 !

>These were outright MVs as well. Maybe Andreas can
>give more detailed information.

Check my K=FCbel web-page for the info ;-)

Ron the Frog, in Darkest Paraguay.

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