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Lars-Uwe Rudek (Rudek@shh-hamburg.de)
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 10:42:34 +0200

I thought I better keep out of this thread, but I have been raised in a
free country,
with a horrible past a n d I have a hobby involving MVs, uniforms, arms and
military history...which I love.

However, there have been many moments and incidents in the past, when I
was truly in doubt if I was doing "the right thing". I gave it much thought and
discussed it with fellow enthusiasts and still, sometimes, there are doubts.

The bottom line, for me, is, that I am involved in a hobby which requires a
lot of awareness of the meaning of war. I believe that there is no such thing
deserving the designation "justified war" !

Do not get me wrong, The Israelies have a right to defend themselves, the
Argies never should have occupied the Falklands, Kuwait had to be liberated,
the slaughtering in Kosovo had to be stopped and the people of East Timor
are entitled to a free life without oppression...as well as Europe, including
Germany, had to be cleaned of develish NAZIS in 1945.

But think about what war means and its implications for orinary people,
individuals, soldiers and civilians as well as entire ethnic groups and
countries. War is hell...and mankind would be better off without it.
Unfortunately, mankind has not found ways in living together in peace
for thousands of years filled with inhumane atrocities committed by nearly
all parties involved in some kind of conflict.

No doubt, what happened in Germany and the German occupied territories
remains unmatched and may only be challanched by some groups in
Africa or on the Balkans. There is no excuse for all this and to me the
rememberance is the only key to work on the awareness how weak and
precious peace is.

I commit myself to keep the peace wereever I can, starting in my backyard
if it comes to arguments with my neighbour, because that is where it starts.

Unfortunately, sometimes justice has to be enforced with weapons and
weak communities have to be sheltered, protected and fought for. Nevertheless,
the act itself and the mechanism of hate and war remains to be a crime from
a broader perspective.

Which brings me finally to the point I intended to make:

What really is important is your attitude when you drive your MV or display
uniforms (of whatever colour). No doubt, SS / German Wehrmacht / Japanese
WWII uniforms will raise eyebrows and ligitimate questions may be asked. Be
aware of the historical background and what these uniforms stood for. You may
display or wear them, to give people an idea of the 1940ies in Europe to
help them
to remember, but a n y display or promotion of political ideas will make
you cross
the line and I think will result in me regarding you as a threat to my hobby.

The above is also true for "victors" attire. When we took part in a 750 vehicle
convoy in The Netherlands to remember the operation Market Garden, we drove
along the streets lined with thousands of spectators, including veterans.
On our US
Jeep and Dodges we had written the words "ON TO BERLIN"...some Dutch veterans
of the occupation asked us to remove it.

I like to attend 40ies nights with Big Bands and a lot of dancing...dressed
up as
an 8th USAAF pilot in the officer's dress uniform with the rank of First
Lt. These
are brilliant nights with lots of fun...but sometimes I wonder if it is
correct to wear
the rank insignia and campaign ribbons on the "costume"...and I think about the
innocent victims of the air war and bombing.

I thorougly enjoy driving (most times repairing, though) MVs and doing the
Jitterbug in my good looking dress uniform with an English girl. If I could
afford it,
I would also get my German grandfather's Staffcar and uniform he wore when
he entered Poland on the 1st September, 1939.

But I shall never forget the suffering of people caught up in war. Whether
it be in
the death camps in the1940ies, in the German cities with 1000 B-17s overhead,
the prisoners in Japanese hands, the joung girl in Hiroshima, The 17 year old
Argentine drafted mess boy on the "BELGRANO" or his British counterpart on
the SHEFFIELD, a rice farmer in Vietnam, the woman shopping in a Sarajewo
market ripped apart by a shell, A US soldier mutilated in the streets of

Restore, perserve historic MVs and uniforms. Display them and stage a
re-enactment...but be aware of the historical background and the purpose for
which this technically interesting vehicle was build; and the jacket taylored.

Enjoy the hobby and educate people, make them remember, but do not glorify war,
offend people and mix politics with our hobby. T H I N K !

Lars-Uwe Rudek
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