Re: [MV] Hawk missle carrier XM 501 E3

jonathon (
Sat, 2 Oct 1999 09:10:15 -0500

>This summer I aquired a tracked Hawk missle carrier. I am looking to make
>contact with other owners in an effort to learn more about this fun little
>vehicle. Does anyone have ANY of the maint. driver or "owner type" manuals?
>I'm looking for any information I can get my hands on.

Is this the thing with the M151 engine bolted to an automatic tranny in it?
Did these just come up for auction last fall? If so Leonard Grove has a
bunch of them. He lost the bid on all of them by a fraction of a cent I
heard but he has been buying them up after the fact. I think he has the
manuals but I don't know if he's reproducing them for sale or not.


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