Re: [MV] WWII Dodge steering dampner /been there/ had one !

Nelson Dionne (
Sat, 2 Oct 1999 14:57:06 -0400

Hello List;

I owned a Dodge WC-18 amblance for several years. It came without a
steering dampner, and I quickly learned how badly it needed one when, the
first time I took it out, vibrations were set up by hitting pot holes, etc.
that made it want to bounce off the road. I was able to find a steering
dampner, and once it was installed, no more problems. Just a common
problem to the beasts, especially when they got old and tired.
I have a hunch that there many types of dampners used depending on what the
owner could find that worked.

Nelson Dionne
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Date: Tuesday, September 28, 1999 4:20 AM
Subject: [MV] WWII Dodge steering dampner ?

> A friend of mine has a strange device he pulled off of a WWII Dodge 1/2
>ton truck that we are trying to figure out what it really is. It
>consists of two 8 inch long arms that are bolted together in the middle
>and they have u shaped clamps at each end. One clamp bolts to the front
>axle housing while the other end clamps to the tie rod assembly that
>connects the left spindle with the right one. The three pivot points use
>bolts with springs to provide tension between the joints. Is this a
>factory or aftermarket device to minimize jolts back through the
>steering wheel? I've seen units that use hydraulic shocks to reduce
>jolts but nothing like this.
>Bryan R.
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