[MV] Hawk missle carrier Mdl # XM 503-E3

Randy Harnish (ranharnish@parlorcity.com)
Sat, 2 Oct 1999 22:44:14 -0500


A big thanks to all who responded to my request for manuals for my Hawk
Carrier. Thanks to you guys I have sources for everything! Now I'll try to
answer YOUR questions. The carrier is a small tracked vehicle, longer than
a jeep, (about the length of an M-37). It's powered by an M-151 engine
coupled to an automatic tranny, then to a transfer case and on to the rear
drive assy. It is designed to carry 3 hawk missles on a carrier rack on top
of the vehicle. I have no idea of it's value "in the market place", but
will describe it''s condition and what I paid. It was the last one of 16
units bought and sold by the seller. He said " I was saving the best one
for myself but have now decided to sell it". ( We have all heard that one
before haven't we?) It realy is in great condition ( I think ). I have
nothing to compare it to as I haven't seen another unit. It has fresh paint
on it and I can only relay that the seller said he didn't do any work on the
"body", just paint it. It is undented and shows only minor signs of pitting
on the floorboard edges of the driver compartment. All gauges work and
indicate correctly. Everything functions properly, all lights work and
drives extremely well. The tracks look close to 100 %, as all the "rubber
coating" appears as I would guess it to look as new, (this is my first
tracked vehicle). There is no steel showing through, and the rubber
thickness is consistent. This unit has had the hydrolic lifting mechanism
removed. the carrier assy. is in a "fixed position". This unit has 3 awsome
dummy Hawk missles loaded in the carrier assy. They were fabricated from
external aluminum aircraft drop tanks. They are quite impressive right down
to their fins. It ran quiet and very smoothe when I bought it but didn't
idle well. We rebuilt the carb, removed and cleaned the fuel tank and
flushed the gas line. It now runs and idles "as new", very quiet, smoothe
and simply doesn't miss a lick. I have never tried to see how fast it would
go but was told 18 mph was about tops. Odometer indicates 260 miles which I
find a little tough to believe. There is an engine rebuild tag on the unit
dated 1987. Maybe the miles are since rebuild, or maybe a new speedometer?
It was built by FMC corp in the late sixtys.
I have owned 18 millitary vehicles in my time though none were capable of
turning heads like this little thing. Ok, now for the painful part, I paid
6,500. for it. At the time I had no Idea of what the going price was, nor
do I now. Promise me if they can be had for $500. you won't tell me, I'd
rather not know! I bought it from X S Surplus, Elizabeth, Pa. Phone #
412-384-9172. As I said it was his last at the time and I have no idea if
he has purchased more since.


XM 501 E3

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