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>Well, all I had to do to start it was to pour some fuel in tha tank
>and bleed the air out of the system. The air pressure started to come
>up, but I didn't run it long enough for the buzzer to go off because
>the oil pressure gauge did not come up. I replaced the missing gauge
>with an NOS replacement. The wire is good, but I suspect the sender
>might be bad. I have a replacement 120 PSI sender which I ordered with
>the 120 PSI gauge just in case the truck had a 60 PSI sender (it
>doesn't); the replacement's resistance changes from about 0 ohms to
>around 13 ohms at 30ish PSI when I apply air pressure (it had an
>ordinary 1/4" NPT fitting, and I just happened to have 30 PSI in the
>tanks!), so I figure it might be good. Does anybody know how oil
>senders and gauges are supposed to work? I'll bench-test the sender
>and gauge with air pressure, and try replacing the sender if my
>replacement works. I hope the pressure was really there, and the meter
>reading was just wrong... The gauge came with a mounting clip for a
>dashboard about 3/4" thick, so I'll need to make a different clip out
>of some sheet metal.
>It'll still be a while before I try driving the truck; one tire is
>flat, and I wasn't about to try airing up a split-ring without a cage!
>The spare is also flat, so I'm TSOL until I find a shop that mounts
>military split-rings and take in the bad wheels. I aired the rest of
>the tires up to 50 PSI, and I'll check them again in a week or so to
>see if any other tires are leaking. I need to order some big jack
>stands, anyway.
>Those dual wheels are a pain in the @$$. I normally try to keep my
>green gear all-original, but I'm putting valve extension hoses on the
>inner wheels anyway!
>The brake pedal feels good, and the air pressure stays around with the
>engine off. It makes the right kinds of airy noises when I press the
>brake pedal. When I bled the tanks, a small amount of black oil (or
>maybe filthy oily water?) came out of one of them. Is that normal?

Black oil out of the air tanks indicates the air compressor rings are
getting tired. I
have driven trucks that pump air fine no problem but use a gallon of oil a
day. Ideally
there should be no oil in the air tanks as the oil will degrade seals and
valves in the air
system. Personally I like a dry system no oil just a little water which is
normal without
an air dryer. If the truck is equiped with an air dryer after you replace
the compressor
with a rebuilt or new you must replace the disscident pack in the air dryer
and throughly clean and rebuild the valve bodies before reassembly. Save the
removed pack as they are recyclable and they gennerally charge you a large
fee which is refunded when you return the used disscident pack.

>My back is killing me (more from man-handling the hangar doors than
>working on the truck!). I'm looking forward to taking a break from my
>new toy for a week! (Yeah, right! Y'all know I'll be out there this
>weekend, even if I'm in a back brace! :-)
James Shanks
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