[MV] Mule for sale

jonathon (jemery@execpc.com)
Sun, 3 Oct 1999 22:02:21 -0500

I'm posting this for a friend of a friend kind of thing. He no longer is
able to keep his mule at his vacation property which he used for hunting and
has decided to sell it rather than have it sit outside and go to pieces.

It is an M274-A5. Starts easy and runs good. Supposed to be in good
condition and complete other than the original seat was replaced with a fork
lift truck seat. He wants $2500 and is located in southeastern Wisconsin
just south of Milwaukee.

If your interested, call Ed Keifer at 414-895-6224, that's his home number
and he is ussually there after 6pm CST.

I have mentioned to the list that I have been working on another guy I know
to sell me his mule, well this isn't the one but it is one of the same 4
that were auctioned off by the Milwaukee County Zoo severerl years ago.
Mine is also one of the 4.

If your interested give him a call (prefered) or you can email me with your
info and I'll forward it to him.


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