[MV] funny air filter

Lars-Uwe Rudek (Rudek@shh-hamburg.de)
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 11:50:35 +0200

It may not be funny for you, but I do not know
what it is / where it came from:

A friends MB Jeep has a feature on his
otherwise ordinary MB Oaks Air Filter.
I have sofar not seen anything like it, and
hope a lister can guide us on the origin:

Standard Oaks Air Filter for a MB Jeep.
But: opposite of the air outlet tube
connection is a mushrom like air inlet
horn...it looks as if it belongs there and
seems not to be a field modification.

What is it ? Did the filter come from another
vehicle, a tank maybe ? Is it post-WWII ?

Pleased to hear.

Lars-Uwe Rudek
MVPA # 14836
MVT # 8119
T.E.A.M. # 2
- 42 MB
- 42 BANTAM T 3
- 44 MB
- 44 GPW
- 45 GPW

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