[MV] Re; Best way to remove paint

Nelson Dionne (aa1mo@nsradio.org)
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 08:03:20 -0400

Hello List;

I recently bought an MV with a "broom quality" red paint job over the
original paint. Might anybody on the list be aware of the best way to
remove this top layer ONLY. I would like to try and find any original
markings/decals I believe are still under the dime store red.

I was told that oven cleaner would only take off the top layer. Anybody
try or hear of this tactic. Should I go to a find wet 'n dry sand paper ??
Your thoughts ??

Nelson Dionne aa1mo@nsradio.org
Salem, MA
Collector of military bicycles, hand carts & motorcycles

PS; A friend is restoring a WWII "wheelbarrow" style air compressor. Has
anybody ever run across one , or any paper trail on this sort of item?
The tubular metal frame doubles as the fuel supply, and the front wheel is
the same as a trailer landing wheel. If a MV has one of more wheels, this
may just be one of the more odd ball MV's made.

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