Fw: [MV] M151-Series Ambulance photos

Jason Rose (m151a1@micron.net)
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 22:12:55 -0600

> I was driving my jeep a few weeks ago, and a man stopped me and told me he
> had some kind of willys jeep. Said his dad was gonna die, and he didn't
> want it. Finally, today I went and saw the guy, and got a first-hand
> glimpse of the jeep.
> 1952 m38--ground up restoration including NOS engine 990 miles ago.
> 1952 m100 trailer--absolutely mint! No dings, dents, or rust. Original
> brass data tags. Gorgeous. Has canvas trailer tarp.
> They both have been camo'd in 4 color camo. Tires are about 60%. Needs
> canvas seats. Converted to 12v. Has canvas top (needs repaired). Runs
> beautifully.
> Question. What is this thing worth? The guy thinks it is worth a quite
> bit, but doesn't know how much. Anybody have any ideas on how much with
> trailer?
> Thanks
> Jason Rose
> Boise, ID

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